The Ultimate Food Truck Hot Dog!

The Ultimate Food Truck Hot Dog!

The Ultimate Food Truck Hot Dog!

I don’t think there’s ever been a hot dog that my husband didn’t like–and the more garnishes it can be smothered in, all the better!  If the hot dog comes from a food truck, well, that is his hot dog nirvana!  Me, I’m good for a hot dog maybe three or four times a year at a ball game or barbecue cookout, usually with some ketchup, a little mustard and a few pickles–then along came World Dog Food Truck at our local Arts Festival a few months ago, and oh my goodness, how my hot dog world has changed…literally! Ha!

The Ultimate Food Cart Hot Dog!

When my husband and I find something new that we love eating, sometimes we will try to figure out how to replicate it at home–like this version of Red Rock Pub’s Steak Salad.  My husband also has no problem asking the proprietors what ingredients they use…and Joe, the owner of the World Dog, seemed most happy to oblige as we ate these tasty hot dogs!  (There’s sure to be some secrets that are never divulged.)  Whether you go and track down World Dog Food Truck’s latest location or try your hand at making this adapted recipe at home, believe me, you will want to try these hot dogs!

My New Favorite Picnic Hot Dog!

The Ultimate Food Truck Hot Dog!

At World Dog, Joe told us that he uses pure beef hot dogs–not jumbo sized or extra long, just regular beef hot dogs.

Favorite picnic hot dogs

My husband and I love the Bar S brand hot dogs–they also taste the most like the ones used by World Dog. 

The Ultimate Food Truck Hot Dog!

A hot dog just begs to be grilled–that’s what brings out that great, roasted picnic flavor! 

The Ultimate Food Truck Hot Dog!

 Chop up some cabbage, (about 1/3 medium head for four hot dogs) add some coleslaw dressing, a little lime and about 1/2 tsp. sugar.  You could make your own coleslaw and dressing.  We tried a few different dressings, but Lite House coleslaw dressing was the best for this recipe.  Joe’s World Dog’s coleslaw has a little sweet n’ sour taste, thus the use of limes and sugar, so add them to your preference.

Kraft Honey BBQ sauce

The final step before you indulge in these wonderful, delectable hot dogs is to drizzle some BBQ sauce over the coleslaw.  We found Kraft’s Honey Barbecue sauce to be most similar to the sauce used–we also added a bit more honey to make it just a little sweeter.    

Photo (72)

Pile the coleslaw on your hot dog, drizzle it with the barbecue sauce for a fabulous picnic hot dog like no other you’ve ever tasted.  I love the crunch of the cabbage mixed with all the other savory flavors! 

Funny story that goes along with our ultimate food truck hot dog experience…my husband had made reservations at a downtown restaurant for later in the evening after we finished up at the Art’s Festival, so he only bought one hot dog, because of course, I told him I’d just have a little bite of his…that’s what we ladies do–am I right!  Long story short, as we continued to browse the booths at the festival, my husband and I each got another of these hot dogs, and ended up cancelling our dinner reservation.  Now, the restaurant we were going to is one of my favorite places to eat, so obviously, we had fallen in love with these hot dogs!

Please let me know if you try these hot dogs at your next barbecue picnic…and how you like them!  Enjoy!


I also want to wish my fun, sweet granddaughter, Makena, a very Happy Birthday tomorrow!  Makena will be turning six years old, she just started first grade and is such a delightful little girl!  Being a Grandma is truly the ultimate experience of my life!

Princess Bell

   Happy Birthday, Makena!

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