Tribute Journal Question List

Because Of My Father…

Now it’s your turn…please share how your dad has impacted your life.

Doing All The Summer Things!

I’d love to know some of the fun things you look forward to doing this summer.

Fun And Funny Moments Of Motherhood!

I’d love to hear about any fun or funny moments you’ve experienced with your mom or children.

The Cookbook Challenge!  A Toast To Toast!

Have you tried avocado toast?  What are some of your favorite toast condiments?

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  A House Refresh!

What’s one way you give your house a fun, spring refresh?

Bring On Spring!

What do you look forward to most when spring finally decides to make its debut?

Leather Chair Reading!  Fiercehearted!

Have you read any good books lately that really speak to your heart and make you feel stronger?

The Art Of The Small Gesture!

I’d love to hear about any small gestures you’ve received that have made a big impact on your life!

Cinderella Days!  Cultivating Our Children’s Talents!

Any secrets you’ve discovered that help your children cultivate their talents?

The Best Advice…For A Happy New Year!

Please share any sage advice that helped you when you needed it most in your life.

Holiday Happiness!

I’d love to know what Christmas traditions make you happiest!

Gratitude Rocks!  My Favorite Grateful Journals!

Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?  I’d love any ideas you have on making it a good experience!

The Thank-You Season!

I would love you to share any thoughts you have on being truly thankful!

The Cookbook Challenge! Copycat Cooking!

Do you have any favorite restaurant menu items that you’d like to replicate at home?   

Social Media Savvy And Safety For all Generation!

What are some ways you’ve found that help you strike a good balance with social media use in your lives?

Admirable Women!  Clara Barton, A Pioneering Humanitarian!

I’d love it if you’d share an experience you’ve had giving or receiving help during a time of need.

Garden Therapy!  Fall Foliage!

What fall flowers do you love?  Do you have any fun, fall traditions?

The Best Advice…A Compilation!

What tidbits of wisdom have helped you on your life’s journey, I know you have some, some please share it with us here!

A Tribute To Teachers!

I’d love to know how a great teacher influenced your life.

Cookbook Challenge!  Down Home Cooking!

If your family published a cookbook, what kind of recipes would be featured?

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Outdoor Living!

What do you love most about outdoor living?

I Am A Proud American!

Please take a minute and expand our perspective and share what makes you a proud American.

Drink The Wild Air!  An Ode To Summer!

I’d love to know how you balance your summer activities.  Do you have any summer traditions?

Wanderlust!  Planning Your Next travel Adventure!

What travel tips do you swear by when you go on vacation?

The Cookbook Challenge!  Healthyish!

Any easy, “healthish” recipes you love that you’d share with us?

Leather Chair Reading!  Books That Will Challenge Your Heart!

Have you read any good books lately that really touched your heart and helped you grow personally or challenged any bad health habits?

Garden Therapy!  Pretty Flower Pots!

I’m curious to know what flowers you have planted in container pots that are low maintenance and bloom beautifully?

The Power Of Wow! Be Amazed Every Day!

Please share how you stay amazed with the world around you!

Admirable Women! The Creative Vision Of Joan Ganz Cooney

Did you watch Sesame Street as a child?  If so, who were your favorite characters?  What would loved ones say your life’s passion is?  ( I know…that’s deep, but interesting to think about!)     

Lessons Learned

I’d love to know what life lesson or advice has helped you most in your life.

Cinderella Days!  Games And Activities For Older Kids!

I’m always looking for some fun, new games to play with my grandkids…what are some you love to play with your family?

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Love At Home!

What special décor do you have in your home that inspires you to love better?

My Funny Valentine!

What are some fun and creative things you do to celebrate those you love?

The Cookbook Challenge!  Comfort Food!

What are some comfort foods you’re enjoying during the cold months of winter?

Leather Chair Reading!  Cozy January Books!

What are some good books you’re reading now that we could add to the cozy January book list?

Make A Difference!

Please inspire us with some of your dreams and aspirations for the coming New Year!

I Believe!

What are some of the beliefs you hold dear in your life?

Naturally BeYOUtiful!

I’d love to know of any fun beauty tips or tricks that you use that you’d be willing to share with us here.

A Little TLC For Our Smiles!

I’m curious…how do you make going to the dentist a good experience?  Any dental “trick of the trade” so to speak, that you swear by to keep your smile healthy?

Sunday Morning!  Taking Time To Nourish Our Souls!

Now it’s your turn…what do you do to nourish your soul?

The Cookbook Challenge!  Garden Pasta!

I’d love to know the fresh veggie recipes you enjoy this time of year.

Admirable Women! The Adventurous Spirit Of Amelia Earhart!

Do you have a favorite history book female role model?  How did they influence your life?  Please share. 

Oh September!

What are some of the things that make fall a magical time of year for you?

Cinderella Days!  Fairy Gardens!

I’d love to hear about any magical things you’ve done this summer.  What are some of your dreams and goals for the new school year?

Summer Anthems!

I’d love to know if there’s a particular song that reminds you of happy days of summer whenever you hear it?

American Patriotism: Getting Back To The Basics!

Please share how you would describe true American patriotism.

Leather Chair Reading!  Fun And Thoughtful Summer Books!

With this thought in mind, I’d love to know of any good books you’ve read lately or are reading now that have made an impact on your life.

Happy People!

Add to the list…I’d love to know some of the little, everyday things you do that help you smile more!

The Cookbook Challenge!  Recipes From Huckleberry!

If you try this recipe, let me know how you liked it.  Any new recipes you’ve tried lately and loved?

Garden Therapy!  Colorful Shade Plants!

What are some colorful plants you love to plant in your yard?  Do you have any handy yard care tips you’d share with us?

Admirable Women!  The Quiet Strength Of Laura Bush!

Of the women you admire, what are some of their character traits that inspire you?  Also, I’d love your input on other women, from all walks of life, that you’d like featured in this series.  Would you be interested in being a guest writer on my blog and presenting a woman you admire?

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Baby Love Nursery Design!

What’s something you love to incorporate in your nursery design?

Cinderella Days!  Let’s Party!

Any fun parties you’ve planned or attended lately?  We are always looking for more fun ideas.

Valentine Gifts From The Heart!

I would love it if you’d share a fun, personalized gift from the heart that you’ve given to your special loved one!

Hello 2017!  Let’s Try A Little Harder To Be A Little Better!

Inspire us!  Share some of your goals and plans for the coming year!


What are some of the things you look forward to in your Christmasland during the holiday season?

A Blessing Named Elliot…An Adoption Journey!

Have you had personal experiences with adoption or know someone who has?  Please, please share any insights you might have on this amazing process!

The Cookbook Challenge!  Homemade With Love!

What family recipes are a mainstay to your holiday season?  Any new recipes you are thinking of trying?  Please share! 

Leather Chair Reading!  Books That Celebrate The American Spirit!

Please share what books you’d recommend about American history and its great spirit that are a “must read”!

College Bound!

Any advice you’d give to a graduating senior to help make the college application process less stressful?

New Horizons!

I’d love to know some of the things you look forward to most as the fall season approaches.

The Great Adventure Of Living A More Balanced Life!

What are some tricks you find helpful that help you achieve a better balance in your life? 

Dear Mom…Writing A Special Mother’s Day Letter!

I’d love to know what little gem of advice your mom taught you that you treasure most!

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Floral Décor!

Does floral décor give you a panic attack?  What are some fun ways you incorporate it in your home?

Cinderella Days!  A Few More Of Grandma’s Favorite Things!

Please share some of your favorite things that you love for your kids and grandchildren.

The Cookbook Challenge!  Let’s Do Brunch!

Any cookbooks you’re loving lately?  What are some of the foods and traditions you do to celebrate Easter?

Stay Humble And Kind!

I would love to know what life lessons you would share in a letter to your children…or others you love.

In-Between Winter And Summer Things!

What kinds of things help you beat the in-between winter and spring blah funk?

Life Together In A Real Marriage!

I would love for you to share some things that make your real marriage special!

Hello February!  5 Ways To Have A Lovable Month!

What kinds of things do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day and those you love?

A Fine Winter’s Night Meal!

I’d love to know what some of your favorite “winter foods” are.

I Can!

What are some things you know you can do this year?

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Calories, Cash And Celebrating A New Year!

I’d love to hear about a goal you accomplished this year!

Christmas Cinderella Days!  Holiday Activities And Goodies!

What are some fun activities and goodies you enjoy with the kids in your family?

Christmas Around The World…And A Hope For Peace On Earth!

Do you celebrate any traditions from other countries with your families?

A Nice, Normal Family!?

What fun family traditions do you forward to celebrating every year?

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise! Managing Juvenile Diabetes!

What has your experience been with someone who has diabetes?  If you have a child who has juvenile diabetes, what are some things you do as a family to help with the treatment of this disease? 

Leather Chair Reading!  A Life Changing Book!

I’d love to know about any great books you’ve read that have inspired you to live better.

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Coping With Endometriosis!

How do you take on a challenge or deal with a personal struggle?

Fun Fall Treats And Desserts!

I’m always looking for some great new fall recipes, so please share what some of your favorite treats and desserts are for this time of year!

I’d Love To Have Lunch With Taylor Swift’s Mom!

What would be your dream celebrity encounter?  Have you ever met anyone “famous” in person?

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Alzheimer’s Disease And My Care Journey!

Have you cared for or are you currently caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?  I’d love for you to share your thoughts.

Gorgeous Germany…And International Travel Tips!

Any traveling tips you swear by?  I’d love to know some of your most favorite travel destinations!

Patio Potluck Picnics!

What are some of you favorite picnic foods?  How do you celebrate labor Day?

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Immunization Guidelines!

I would love to know your experiences with keeping your family up to date on their immunizations.  Were you aware that there were recommended vaccines for adults too?

Cinderella Days!  The Great Read-A-Thon!

Any good children’s books you’ve read lately?  What are some of the creative things you do to help your kids get lost in a good book?

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Feature Walls!

Have you been brave enough to take on a big home improvement job?  I’d live to hear about it?  It’s always fun to be inspired by other’s decorating projects?

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Cholesterol, Credit Cards And Courage!

What’s on your “courage” bucket list?  When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Pioneer Heritage…And The Tale Of A Farm Kid!

What part of your heritage resonates with you and helps you live better?

Healthy Snacks…No Kale Included!

If you have any healthy snacks that you swear by–please, please share them with us!

Summer Is My New Favorite Verb!

I would love to know some of the ways you love to “summer”?  Anything new you’re thinking of trying?

I Pledge Allegiance!

What gives you patriotic chills?

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Energy, Nest Eggs And Ego!

I would love to know what advice you’d give to help others have a healthier, wealthier or wiser summer.

Garden Therapy!  Planting Herbs…And A Mint Limeade Recipe!

Do you have a favorite drink that hits the spot and quenches your thirst on a hot summer day?  I hope you’ll share.

Cinderella Days!  Fun Ways To Display Children’s Artwork!

I’d be interested to know some of the fun ways you display your children’s artwork.

My Hometown!

I’d love to know what things or traditions make your hometown special to you!

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!  Don’t Fry Day!

I’d love to know any habits or products you advocate for better skin care.

Spring Baking!  Easy Orange Rolls!

What’s a special recipe that’s all about spring baking for you?

Thoughts On Motherhood!

I would love it if you’d share a little gem of advice your mother once shared with you!

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Going For The Gold!

Leave a comment and tell me what home décor colors and/or trends you are loving right now and you just might find yourself the lucky recipient of one of my favorite gold items.

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Magnesium, Money Tips And Mentors!

I’d feel honored to have you share any words of wisdom you’ve learned from a great mentor in your life!

Spring Fling!

What are some of the things you look forward to doing most during the springtime?

Garden Therapy!  Hardy Houseplants!

I’m always looking for some new plant ideas to change things up a bit in my home, please share some of the hardy houseplants you love!

Leather Chair Reading!  International Children’s Book Day!

Who doesn’t love a great children’s book, what are a couple of your favorites?

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!  Death And Taxes!

Do you have any good health or organization tips you’d like to share that help you survive tax season?

Cinderella Day!  A Funny, Unfiltered Cinderella Movie Review!

If you haven’t already seen the new Disney Cinderella movie, my granddaughters and I highly recommend it!  If you have seen it, what was your favorite part?

Birthday Letters!

What’s a bit of advice you’ve received from someone you love that has made an impact on your life?

Little Things Mean A Lot!

What’s been a happy, wonderful deed you’ve experienced lately?

Get Your Chocolate Fix!

What’s a fun dessert you love that gives you your “chocolate fix”?

Oscar Worthy!

I want to know what movies are in your “must see” movie library.

Healthy Wealthy And Wise!  Celebrating Women Edition!

What’s one thing you do, with by being more healthy, more smart with your money, or more caring that makes you live better?

Planting Kisses!

I’d LOVE to know any fun family traditions or activities you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Love Notes!

What are some of the creative ways you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It’s Hearty Tuna Casserole For Dinner!

Please share one of your favorite down-home, comfort dinner foods

A Second Look At January!

What are some things you do to enjoy January and winter weather?

Cinderella Days!  Fun And Games!

What are some fun games your children love to play together as a family?

Healthy Wealthy And Wise!  Living The Dream!

I’d love to hear what health and money habits, or mind games you practice to help you keep plugging away at life!

Goals And Dreams For 2015!

Share one or two of your goals or dreams for 2015 here with us and you may find yourself receiving one of my favorite journal picks!

And So This Is Christmas…A Magical Time Of Year!

I would love it if you’d to share one or two things that gives Christmas special meaning for you!


What different kinds of foods do you look forward to having with your family during the holidays?

Christmas Traditions!

Some of the things we enjoy as a family throughout the holidays are things we’ve heard about from other friends and family members.  I hope you’ll share a favorite Christmas tradition with us here.

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Holiday Curb Appeal!

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations and/or traditions?

Go With The Crazy!

What are some of your most cherished holiday memories?

Savory Roast Beef Sub!

What are some sandwiches you love to make–or go out and get at a favorite deli?

Yay, November!

I’d love to hear about some of the things that make you say “Yay, November!”

Leather Chair Reading!  Children’s  Halloween Book! 

What are some of your favorite Halloween book?

Women’s Health–A Common Sense Approach!

What are some things you do to stay healthy?

Fall Favorites!

What defines fall for you?  Share a few things that make the cut for some of your fall favorites.

Cinderella Days!  Nurturing A Child’s Self-Esteem!

I am impressed with so many of the young people today more often than not, they prove their ability to be resilient despite tough odds sometimes!  I’d be interested to hear what bits of wisdom you would offer to help better nurture a child’s self-esteem.

Everything Is Just Peachy!  An Easy Peach Jam Recipe!

Canning is becoming sort of a lost art with our busy schedules–I certainly don’t do even half of what my mom and grandma used to do.  Any canning you still do?  Do you have a great jam recipe? 

Garden Therapy!  Gifts From The Garden!

I would love to hear about any special garden memories or stories you’ve had that you’d be willing to share.  Any fun garden gifts you have given or received? 

Doing White After Labor Day!

Have you broken the rules before and done some white after Labor Day?  Please share!

Happy Grandparents Day!

Share something you find special about your own grandparents or what you love most about being one!

Leather Chair Reading!  Seedfolks!

Any good books you’ve loved reading this summer?

A Backyard Camp Out Extravaganza! 

What are some fun adventures you’ve enjoyed this summer?

The Ultimate Food Truck Hot Dog!

Please let me know if you try these hot dogs at your next barbecue picnic–and how you like them.  Enjoy!

Summer Lovin’!

What do you love most about summer?

Garden Therapy!  Yard Art And Adornments!

I’d love to hear about anything you’ve done to create a special haven in your yard.

Cinderella Days!  School Is Cool!

Do you have any fun memories of playing school when you were growing up or now with your children or grandchildren?

Beautiful Utah!  Life Elevated! 

If you live in Utah, what do you love most about our fair state–or what do you love most about where you live?

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  DYI Vintage Ladder!

I’d love to be inspired by any unique DIY projects you have recently finished or are tackling now to create your Home Sweet Home!

Cherry Dessert Squares!

Any fun family recipes you’ve made recently that you had to dig deep in the crevices of your recipe box to find?

The Happiness Challenge Recap!  Kiss Your Life!

How do you stay upbeat and happy in your life?  What do you do to keep a positive outlook when life throws you a sucker punch?

America!  Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly!

As we celebrate America’s birthday, let’s have a little patriotic love fest here–what makes you America proud?

Garden Therapy!  Unconventional Yard Tools

Any quirky things you use to make yard work easier?

Leather Chair Reading!  Feel Good Books!

I hope we can all make time to read a few good books this summer!  any good ones you’d suggest?

Celebrating Father’s Day!  My Father’s Hands!

What neat characteristic readily comes to mind when you think of your father or your children’s father?  Please share it!

Cinderella Days!  Spa Day Fun!

I would love some ideas from on future Cinderella Day activities I could plan that you’ve done with your children or grandchildren.

My Summer Bucket List!

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  House Jewelry!

Any good accessory finds you’ve stumbled on lately?

The Hippocratic Oath!

Do you have an oath or life motto you try to live by–either personally or professionally?

Garden Therapy!  Superstar Plants And Flowers!

If your yard is like mine, it’s ever evolving!  What are some superstar plants and flowers you love?

Oh, Baby!  Ideas For Personalized Baby Gifts! 

Any personalized baby gifts you’ve received and absolutely loved–or some creative ones you’ve given?

No Worries!

What are some special places you’ve loved visiting and how do you bring a little piece of a wonderful vacation home with you?

Leather Chair Reading!

I hope this first “Leather Chair Reading” entry inspires you to remember some of the great books that have had a great impact on you and that you’ll share them with us!  

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!

Any fun projects you’ve enjoyed working on that have given your home that personal touch?

Connecting Our Souls–True Happiness Revealed!

I’d be honored to have you share briefly any story of happiness magic you’ve experienced lately!

Cinderella Days!  Story Time!

What are some of the fun things you do to put a twist on story time?  I’m sure all parents and grandparents alike, would love hearing about them!  Who doesn’t need a few more laughs and silly times!

Garden Therapy!  Spring Gardening!

I’d love to get in on any great gardening tips you might have!

Let’s Be Awesomer!

What are some ways you encourage your children to succeed and do their best!

Spring Fever…I’ve Got It Bad!

What does spring make you want?  Please share!  Any good spring cleaning tips?  I’d love you to comment and tell me about them.

Love Is Grand!  What I’m Learning from My Children’s Marriages!

What makes love grand for you?  What important things are you learning in your relationships?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day!  5 Fun Ways To Get Your Cupid On!

What are some unique things you’ve done to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

January 28, 2014:  Exercise Equipment…Some Things Old Are New Again!

Is there a piece of exercise equipment you wish would make a come back?  I’d love to hear what you do to help you stay motivated to exercise and workout.

January 18, 2014:  Thoughtful Kindness!  The Polar Vortex Edition!

Any stories of thoughtful kindness you’ve experienced or observed during the cold winter months?

January 14, 2014:  Red Rock Steak Salad!

Any favorite restaurant dishes you’ve adapted your own version of to enjoy at home?

January 9, 2014:  This Is Who I Am!  The Ongoing Saga Of New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?  What’s just one thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

January 4, 2014:  Making Life A Special Occasion!

What are some things you do in your daily routine to make life more special?

December 29, 2013:  Special Memories!

Please share some special memories you have from 2013.  What do you look forward to in the coming new year?

November 26, 2013:  Dried Cinnamon Apples! 

What has been your experience with drying food?  I haven’t tried vegetables yet.  What are some things you’ve done and loved?

November 20, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  A Few Of Grandma’s Favorite Things!

What are a few of you favorite things that you love to do with your kids or grandchildren?  Please expand my horizons some more!

November 10, 2013:  Crazy Good–All Things New York!

What do you love about New York or anywhere else you’ve visited lately?

November 5, 2013:  The New York City Marathon!

Have you got a dream you’re going after?

October 29, 2013:  Chili And Cornbread–The Perfect Halloween Supper!

What foods do you crave come fall and Halloween time?  Please share!

October 19, 2013:  Think Pink…And Hunter Orange!

If you have an inspiring story concerning breast care awareness or breast cancer, I’d love it if you’d share it.  Sometimes another person’s story is what helps us set better health standards in our own lives.

October 15, 2013:  Must See TV Nostalgia!

I’m curious to know what shows you grew up watching with your family!

October 10, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Fall Fun!

I’d love to hear fall decorating or craft ideas you have!  I’d like to have a few extra on hand for the next few weeks to come!

October 6, 2013:  Getting A Good Education–The Word On The Street Edition!

How did teachers make an impact on your life?

September 28, 2013:  All Kinds Of Kind!  Recognizing Our Superpower!

Anyone you’ve observed lately with the extraordinary ability to be amazing at what they do, no matter the circumstances?

September 25, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Busy Worker Bees!

I’d love to hear how you make work fun in your families!

September 21, 2013:  Comfort Foods…They’ll Cure What Ails You!

What are some “comfort foods” that kindle special memories for you?  I’d love you to share any!

September 18, 2013:  The Future Is Bright!

What inspires you to look to a bright future?

September 11, 2013:  A New York City Tribute!

I’d consider it an honor if you shared special memories you have of September 11, 2001, or any neat experiences you’ve had in New York City!

September 6, 2013:  Young, Old…Just Words!

How do you keep “young at heart” as you get older?

September 2, 2013:  Laboring On Labor Day…Or Not!

Do you have any Labor Day traditions?  What are some of the neat things you do around your hometown?  I’d also love to hear how you best balance your time at home between work and play!

August 29, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Free Spirits!

What simple, ordinary things do your kids or grandchildren find fun to play with?

August 25, 2013:  Back In The Saddle Again!

Please share how you celebrate starting a new school year, and also what you do to keep the conviction for doing well in school going strong throughout the rest of the year?

August 19, 2013: Birthday Girl!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about being grandparents–or what made your own so special!

August 17, 2013: A Family Motto…Of Sorts!

What impact has receiving a good education had on your life?  How do you encourage your children and grandchildren to be grateful for the “adventures” and opportunities that going to school and getting a good education can provide?

August 14, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Back To School Edition!

What are some fun experiences you’ve had while shopping with your kids or grandchildren?  I’ve got some fun “starting a new school year” tradition that we have in our family coming up–be thinking of some of yours–I’d love to hear about them.

August 11, 2013: Sweet Memories!

What are some foods, that when eaten, bring back sweet memories for you?

August 4, 2013:  Just Breathe…And A Daisy in A Jelly Glass Jar!

I’d love to hear about the beautiful things you’ve found in your life lately!

July 31, 2013: Cinderella Days! Celebrating Mom!

Take time to celebrate someone you love…or someone you know who just needs a happy day!

July 27, 2013:  Advice This Maternity Nurse Tells New Parents…And Grandparents!

What are some things you’ve learned on your parenting journey, or as grandparents?

July 24, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Picture Perfect!

I’d love to hear about any fun “picture perfect” camera ideas you have!

July 17, 2013:  Cinderella Day!  A Few Of Their Favorite Things!

What “favorite things” are on your children’s or grandchildren’s list?  Any good children’s toys or furniture items you’ve invested in that you consider a “must have”?

July 14, 2013:  Living And Living Well!

I’d love to hear what your favorite inspiring quotes or words are!

July 10. 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Word Games And Other Random Fun!

Any fun games you’ve made up your own version of that you family likes to play?

July 7, 2013:  America’s Birthday Celebration!

I’d love to hear what you do for America’s birthday celebration-your 4th of July traditions.

July 4, 2013:  God Bless America!

Please share what inspires your American pride!

June 30, 2013:  Just Three Words!

Please share the three words you’d use to describe an event or special experience in your life lately; or perhaps you’ve been the giver/recipient of an unexpected good deed recently–I’d love to hear about them.  If you’re so kind as to comment, you might find yourself a lucky recipient of one of these fun, small journals!

June 22, 2013:  Old School Values and Modern Technology–Finding A Good Balance!

What types of things do you do to try to reach out to those you love and associate with in an “old school” kind of way?

June 19, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Girls Love To Accessorize!

What are some easy, fun jewelry crafts you’re doing with your children and grandchildren?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

June 16, 2013:  Greatness!  A Special Father’s Day Tribute!

How did your father exemplify “greatness” in your life?  If you haven’t already, tell him what he means to you!

June 14, 2013:  Happy Anniversary!  What I’ve Learned From My Parent’s Marriage!

I’d love to hear what your parents taught you about marriage or what you’ve learned on your own by being married and working hard at making it great!

June 12, 2013:  Cinderella Days!  Grandma Magic!

What are some of the things you do to create “magic” times with your children or grandchildren?

June 8, 2013:  Work Smarter Not Harder!  A Job Well Done…The Revised Version! 

I’d love to hear some of the tips you have that help you “work smarter not harder”!

June 1, 2013:  A Job Well Done…Would Your Work Rate A Stamp Of Excellence?

What special items are in your home that you’ve acquired or made yourself that you know took a lot of work to make and reflect a job well done?

May 27, 2013:  Celebrating Memorial Day!

Is there a particular relative that intrigues you or that you share a lot in common as you’ve heard stories about them?

May 21, 2013:  Caramel Popcorn!  A Family Favorite Recipe That’s Sure To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

If your make this caramel popcorn recipe, let me know how you liked it.  I’m sure you could get creative and add other fun things to the caramel popcorn and it would be just as good, we just happen to like the cashews best!  What are some other game/party treats your family likes best?

May 16, 2013:  Class Act and Fun Facts!  How Well Do We Really Know Our Mothers? 

Surprise your mom and take some time to conduct a little impromptu interview with her and learn some “Fun Facts” about her that you may not have known before.  Write them down on some special paper, (you can find some here to download) along with your own special memories of your mom.  I’d love to hear some of the fun things you learn, if you’d like to share them.

May 5, 2013:  Dream Big…Then Work Hard To Make Your Dreams Come True

What advice would you give a graduating student today?  Do you remember any advice you were given that helped you “dream big” in your life?

April 29, 2013:  Happy Birthday Wishes And Reflections!

Take the opportunity to spell out your loved ones names on a paper and consider the fun words you’d write to pay tribute to them and the unique impact they’ve had on your life.  Surprise them with your thoughts for their next birthday!

April 22, 2013:  Happy Earth Day!  Tweaking the Perspective A Little!

I’d love for you to share any photos or thoughts you have about this great place we call earth!

April 18, 2013:  A Special Tribute To Boston and God’s Promise!

I know this is a small little blog, but I hope you’ll share ways to heal hearts from these tragedies and we can stay strong and be happy in looking forward to the future.

April 13, 2013:  The Fruits Of Our Labors…Take Time To Enjoy Them!

Please share any rhubarb recipes you love.  Also, any gardening tips that make the yard work process easier or how you stop to take a breath and “enjoy the fruits of your labors”!

April 8, 2013:  Spring Cleaning!  Cultivating A Good Work Ethic!

What good work ethics have served you best in your life?  Id’ love to hear how you teach you children good work habit.

March 30, 2013:  Life Lessons and Easter Blessing!

What are some of the life lessons you’ve learned?  Let’s share them and add to the list above!

March 23, 2013:  Be Interesting…And Interested! 

Please share ways that your parents have helped you know and love others.

March 15, 2013:  Luck Takes A Lot Of Hard Work!

What are some of the “lucky” achievements you’ve worked hard for in your life?

March 10, 2013:  Words of Wisdom…Oh The Fun Of Learning From Our Children!  

What are some profound “words of wisdom” your children have shared with you over the years!  Let’s enjoy some good laughs and insights together!

March 2, 2013:  Building Character!  Be Inspired By Your Family Tree!

What relatives do you share similar traits with the most?  If asked, what do you think a close family member would write about you?

February 22,2013:  I’m Grateful!

As we look soon look forward to our “winter hibernation” coming to an end…what is it you can’t wait to do most come spring?

February 12, 2013:  Love Letters Can Create A Love Story!

I hope you’ll either share who you chose to write your letter to and why, or share an excerpt from your letter.  Let’s inspire each other!

January 31, 2013:  To Every Thing There Is A Season…Some Seasons Are Just More Preferred!

Share some unique activities you do to make the winter months fun.

January 26, 2013:  Rules To Love By…Especially When We Make Them Ourselves!

Share a rule that you live by and how it helps make a difference in your life!

January 16,2013:  A Happy New Year–Redefined!

How would you like to define the new year?  What are some of the things you’d like to do in the next 365 days minus a few weeks?

January 4, 2013:  Giving Is A Great Way To Start The Year!

Take a minute and look back on the past year…tell me some of your personal achievements in 2012?  What do you want to tackle in 2013?

November 27, 2012:  Be Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed-A Light hearted Carpe Diem!      

What “everyday” things make you excited to greet a new day?

 November 9, 2012:  A Patriotic Heart Amid Political Rhetoric…And An Anecdote To Live By!

Have a discussion around the dinner table about how “electoral votes” vs. “popular votes” determine how a president is chosen.  Then share how it goes.

In honoring our parents and grandparents and the fine traditions of their generations, what can we do to inspire some degree of the same respect from our children and grandchildren?

How do you define contentment in your life?

October 22, 2012:  Inspirational Pay Dirt and A Leap Of Faith

How did your parents handle stressful times?

In what ways did they help you with challenges in your life?

October 2, 2012:  A Promise To Myself

How did you see your parents nurture each other?

In what ways do you nurture those close to you?

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