Leather Chair Reading! Fiercehearted!

Leather Chair Reading!  Fiercehearted!

There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than a good book that celebrates everything that makes women unique!  So as we celebrate this month of Valentine’s, let’s not forget to acknowledge our own goodness and embrace life, love and faith…so that we might live fully and love bravely!

“We lose ourselves in books, but we can find ourselves in them too!”  Tribute Journal

Fiercehearted  by Holly Gerth

January always seems to be a cold, hazy blur…so when February arrives, I need that proverbial “shot in the arm” so to speak, that picks me up out of the winter doldrums and gives me a little motivating gumption–and this book does it in spades.

“Every day we struggle to find more freedom, joy and purpose.  What if the solution isn’t trying harder or being better, but embracing the fiercehearted woman we each have inside us already!”  Holley Gerth

This book is like having a thoughtful conversation with a good friend where you aren’t afraid to be yourself–or even be a little vulnerable.  While in a perfect world, we’d all like to be on our best behavior and share only the good things we like about ourselves…if we’re completely honest, it’s nice to be able to let our hair down on occasion and expose a few weaknesses, then discuss ways we can capitalize on those shortcomings and ultimately make them work in our favor with someone we can trust.  In this book, Holley Gerth, is that understanding confidant who accepts things as they are, but outlines some critical notions that have helped her better navigate the journey of her struggles to make life less messy and complicated.

A Fiercehearted Woman…

Trusts her heart!  One of the things I love about this book is that each chapter begins with a quote from a fellow female author.  Ms. Gerth also writes each chapter so that they seem like they’re a collection of loosely connected thoughts covering an assortment of topics from prayer and child-like faith to dealing with the inner conflict that comes from trying to meet all your obligations.  The powerful concepts presented in this book suggest that perhaps the solution to living more fully isn’t necessarily in trying harder or being better, but rather, by simply striving to be more in tune with the strengths of the “fiercehearted” woman that is inside each of us already!

“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?  Mary Oliver

Lives a good story!   If you’ve ever caught yourself looking at someone else and thinking—oh man, why can’t I have their perfect life…Chapter 9 titled, “On The Shelf” is the perfect antidote for lifting you out of that mindset!  Ms. Gerth tells how she will often go to her local library to be inspired when writing.  One day while sitting surrounded by endless shelves of books that covered a myriad of topics from love and war to mysteries and memoirs, an analogy came to mind that gave her a new perspective on how to live her life more fully.

“In this world of options and opportunity, we believe that somehow we should pick any and all of them.  If you think about it though, instead of living fully in the reality of our own lives, we often find ourselves lost on the pages of ‘what might have been’ or ‘what could be’ –we catch ourselves wanting to live someone else’s story; a book with a more exciting cover and brilliant reviews from our peers.”

She goes on to suggest that when we really take a good look around us, we quickly realize that while many of the details are different, in many ways our stories are very similar…and we should begin to see our stories for what they are–unique, glory-filled, flawed works of art.  “We need to find the courage to stand by each other and be comfortable as we live our own stories.  Like my mom always used to tell me, instead of comparing ourselves with others, let’s celebrate one another and show more understanding and compassion as we all try to do our best.  To be certain, our lives seem to take on a magical quality when we stop comparing our lives to those we perceive as having more, and instead begin to intentionally appreciate all that we are blessed to have!

“Let’s be the heroines in our own wild, imperfect, glorious stories.  Never understudies for someone else’s.”  Holley Gerth

Has grit and gumption!  It’s my belief that despite our fears, we can still be brave, courageous and successful; everyone experiences fear and doubt in their lives, it’s what we choose to do with that fear that determines our course in life.  I love that Ms. Gerth points out that we’re rarely given the perfect conditions to forge ahead with our dreams and aspirations.

“Yes, our talents, education and preparation can be helpful tools, but they are not as helpful as flat-out grit.”

Ultimately, we need to have faith in ourselves so we can put one foot in front of the other and have enough gumption and stamina to not quit.  I believe it’s normal to be a little afraid; it’s learning to not let it control or defeat us–or even paralyze us into never doing the hard work that it takes to live fully and love bravely.  Failure seems to have a way of tempting us to think that we are foolish and presumptuous to keep on trying.  But as this wise author points out, “…when we do what is life-giving, worthwhile and beautiful, we are sure to face a certain amount of resistance.”  Like Ms Gerth, at the end of my days, I want completion and contentment not perfection.  When I come to heaven’s doorstep, I want to be sweaty and tired from giving my very best effort!This is just a small glimpse into a powerful and encouraging book that shows us how to better savor our lives in a world that can sometimes leave us feeling unsure about ourselves.  In the end…this book not only spoke to my heart and made it stronger–it made it grow in countless ways too…and that, my friends, is what a good book is all about!

“It’s never too late for a happily ever after.”  Lovelle Gerth-Meyers

A Fiercehearted Woman Manifesto!

This is an adaptation of an outpouring of Ms. Gerth’s heart during a particularly trying period in her life.  Lucky for us, her healing process gives us a step up when we are navigating a difficult time.

Get a free download file HERE.

Have you read any great books lately that really spoke to your heart and made you feel stronger?


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