Planting Kisses!

♥ Planting Kisses ♥

Although the weather here in Utah has been unseasonably warm lately, it’s still too early for planting anything in our gardens, but it’s the perfect time to plant some kisses!

Children's books

Since we’re always on the hunt for great children’s books to read to our granddaughters, my husband and I were especially excited to come across this darling one that helped us all feel the spirit of Valentine’s Day a little more!

Plant A Kiss!

  I love the bold and creative spirit of Little Miss in this book, who decides to plant a kiss so it will grow into many kisses that she can share with everyone–because, after all, kisses create endless BLISS!

♥ Making Kisses To Be Planted ♥

This book inspired a fun activity I did with my daughter and granddaughters this year at my annual Grandma’s Valentine Tea Party, where we made personalized kisses that we could “plant” on others, so to speak, this week.  (I am here to tell you, give little girls some fancy heart paper and pink lipstick and they are in heaven…this activity was so much fun!)  

All you’ll need is:

Scrapbook paper cut into 2×3 inch squaresor any size you want.

Red or pink lipstick–it needs to be dark enough to show up on paper.

Embellishments–colored pencils, crayons and stickers.

Then go to town putting on the lipstick and getting your pucker on; little ones will need help doing their lipstick.  You can put a few kisses on a paper, or just one on each.  Dust the kisses with a little talcum powder to set the lipstick, then glam them up any way you want–of course, my granddaughters loved this part!  Put your kisses in an envelope, then “plant” them in fun places throughout the week where your loved ones will be sure to find them and know that they are so loved!  (My daughter said her girls had so much fun doing this and tried to be really tricky about where they left their kisses!)

IMG_445027633 (2)

 This fun Valentine activity is sure to inspire a little silliness and some real kisses to be planted too!  

Kisses on Valentine's Day!

 You could really get creative and frame a kiss, then place it by your sweetheart’s night stand.

The sky’s the limit on what you do for all those you love for Valentine’s Day!  I hope it’s a great one for everybody!

A big air KISS from me to you and wishes for the best Valentine’s Day!!

I’d LOVE to know any fun family activities or traditions you do on Valentine’s Day? 


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