Chili And Cornbread–The Perfect Halloween Supper!

Best Chili and Tom’s Parkstone Cornbread!  Yum AndYum!

Homemade soups and soft, warm breads are the perfect combination to serve for supper this time of year as evenings get a little cooler and the Halloween season is being celebrated!

Halloween Witch!

On Halloween night, before trick or treating, we used to enjoy a warm bowl of chili as a family with cornbread coated in generous layers of honey!  (Maybe in hopes of curbing the impending sugar rush a bit!)  I’m sharing both recipes here with you so that perhaps the next time you come home on a cold fall night, you can warm up with a bowl of this best chili!

Best Chili recipe!

I wasn’t too much of a chili fan until we discovered this recipe!  (I like the variety of beans used.)  We serve the simmered chili with this delicious cornbread recipe that my husband came across a few years ago and gave it some personal tweaks.  It’s a new family favorite that we enjoy often, especially throughout the cooler fall months!

Cornbread recipe!

Cornbread recipe!

This cornbread is light and moist!  The chili peppers add the perfect subtle flavor!

Best chili recipe!

We enjoyed a chili and cornbread supper last night with my daughter and her husband and our two granddaughters before my annual Grandma Halloween Festival!  (More on that coming soon!). 

What foods do you start to crave come fall and Halloween time?  Please share!


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