A “Quotable” To Live By!

A Special Download For A “Quotable” To Live By

As promised in this entry at the beginning of the week, here is one of my favorite quotes that you can now download for free. (Just click on the link below to download the eight by ten printable.) 

EB White Quote Download

Free Quote Download

Even at 80+ years, my father was always so energizing to be around because of his constant “wonder” about people and places, and his genuine desire to keep learning!  This is a quote that was among some mementos my dad kept on one of his office shelves.

If we wonder often,

the gift of knowledge

will come!

by Arapaho

I sincerely hope this quote will be a reminder for you to put a little “Windex Shine” on your view of the world; it certainly helps me remember to keep being intrigued!


(Quote print was designed by my friend, Maggie Rees at Pintura Art Gallery who did my Valentine’s Day stationary.  Thanks, Maggie!)

2 thoughts on “A “Quotable” To Live By!”

  1. I came home this week to a pretty package on my front porch! I opened it to find this beautiful quote framed! What a lovely surprise and gift from one of the most thoughtful and kind women I know! Thank you Mary! I cherish your friendship and love you so…I for one am looking more enthusiastically at each day! xo

    • The feeling is mutual, Tatia. To be full of wonder and be amazed is certainly a choice we have to consciously make each day!


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