Cinderella Days! Picture Perfect!

A “Picture Perfect” Day!  Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of A Child! 

Cindrella Days!I decided to turn the tables a little this week for my “Cinderella Day” with my two, sweet granddaughters.  (I was a little blurry eyed from working a long 13 hour day at the hospital!?)  After the girls modeled the cute “cut-outs” in their fun summer shirts, I told Makena that she and Marli could decide what we played for the day, and that she could take all the pictures!  (Insert squeals of delight here!)  Is there anything better than seeing the world through the eyes of a child?  After yesterday, I was again reminded that the answer to that question is a resounding “NO”!

Taking this approach, reminded me once again of the “tech” edge my cute, young granddaughters have on me!  I know my daughter lets Makena take pictures on her phone, but I was still so impressed with her photography skills!

Modelin for grandma!

Nothing like feeling fancy and ready to have a fun day!

"Picture Perfect!"

Makena was so excited to be the “photographer” for the day!  Her camera skills were impressive!  


These are some little troll dolls my girls had…it goes to show you just how ageless some toys are!  Makena and Marli love to comb and style their hair!  Makena decided that the dolls were going to pose for a “family picture”!  (Makena was certainly calmer doing family pictures than I’ve ever been!  Ha!)

"Marli" captured by makena! "Marli bug!" captured by Makena!

Marli obviously became a popular subject for Makena to photograph!

Makena's "artwork"! Stuffed animals!

Everything and anything became fair game for Makena’s photo fest!  (Much like grandma in their eyes, I suppose!  It was fun to watch Makena’s creativity flourish with her new assignment of photographer for the day–right down to the posing of some stuffed animals!  Believe me, I took mental notes!) 

At one point in the morning, Makena and Marli shut the door to the playroom while I took a phone call.  Soon Makena came and got me, and I was informed that I was invited to “Bear’s” wedding!  As funny as that was, what was even more hilarious was Makena and Marli’s footwear for the nuptials!  Talk about fashion trend setters!

"Bear's" wedding! www.mytributejournal.comimagezebra slippers

The wedding was definitely “Project Runway” worthy!  I actually had to coax Makena to take this picture!  She was a busy wedding planner and had other more important pictures to take!  (These are slippers that belonged to her mom and Aunt Mandi!)

Lunch date!

The girls and I went and had lunch with Grandpa!  Marli met him in style!  Just before Makena clicked this picture, she said to me, “Oh my gosh, grandma, doesn’t Marli look so cute!”  She won’t get any arguments from me there!


Just “chill-laxing”!  A faux-fur blanket is another good investment that your grandkids are sure to love!  (Yes, I snapped this after Makena decided to retire from her “tographer” duties for the day!   Great job, Makena!)

Malena's "selfie"

This “selfie” is definitely my favorite “pic” of the day!  (I actually didn’t discover this picture until after the girls had gone home!) 

Marli's "selfie"!

I didn’t want Marli to feel left out, so I convinced her that she could get in on the camera action with her play phone.  How I wish I could have really retrieved some of the pictures she pretended to take!  I was glad I at least captured this one!

This “picture perfect” Cinderella Day, reminded me once again to…   

"Love Simple Pleasures!"

I’ve heard another fun thing to do is buy inexpensive disposable cameras, then let the picture-taking party begin!  You might need to go to an hour photo place afterwards, since our modern, quick-view gadgets, often make for impatient picture viewers!

I’d love to hear about any fun “picture perfect” camera ideas you have!


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