Cinderella Days! A Special Valentine Tea Party!

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Cindrella Days!

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When I was a small child, my parents gave me a miniature china set that they’d purchased in Japan when they visited my Uncle who had been stationed there for military duty in the Air Force.  Oh, the many delightful “pretend” meals I made and served on these treasured dishes!

Valentine Tea party!

As I grew up, my dishes got tucked away in storage at my folk’s home until well after my own daughters were past the prime age for getting any meaningful use out of them.  As a result, I wanted to be sure that my granddaughters, Makena and Marli, got the chance to use them for special celebrations!

A Valentine Tea Party!

So welcome to our first, girls only, Valentine Tea Party!

Lacey, paper hearts, bite-sized food portions and chocolate, of course, made for the perfect afternoon with three of the most darling girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing–and loving!

A Valentine Tea Party!


There never seems to be a craft project that my cute granddaughters don’t love!  I had fancy jewels and Valentine stamps for them to decorate their placemat hearts. (The easier, the better for this grandma!)

A Valentine Tea Party!

Makena was quick to master the art of pouring from a tea-pot!

photo (3)

We all practiced our best pinkie etiquette!

Valentine's Day Tea Party!

Like me, my granddaughters believe that everything is better with a little chocolate

As we finished eating we played what I call “The Favorites Game”–I had a bunch of questions written out on paper for us to take turns giving our answers…

♥What is your favorite treat?

♥What is your favorite game?

♥What is your favorite movie?

♥What are your favorite clothes to wear? 

One hilarious thing that happened as we were finishing up the game was when Makena looked at me rather exasperated and said, “Hey, Grandma, what about our favorite colors?” I just hadn’t thought to include that question since the girls tell me quite often that they love pink and purple–regardless, I found out that it is still a very important question that they love to answer!  (Of course, Makena’s answer to the question– “Besides where you’re living now, where would be your most favorite place to live?” –was Disneyland!)

You never know how something is going to play out when you plan it, but this game was a hit–and instead of each of us taking turns answering a question, Makena decided everyone should answer all the questions!  Both the girls were so cute and animated with their answers, and I think they had fun hearing how their mom and I answered too.

After playing the game…

Valentine treats

A Valentine Tea Party!

…I was glad to be able to send my granddaughters home with a few of their favorite things–and lots of LOVE!

Vintage Valentine!

What special plans do you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I would highly recommend a Valentine Tea Party!


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