Savory Roast Beef Sub Sandwich!

Savory Roast Beef Sub Sandwich!

Since we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, it’s usually the time of year devoted to recipes for all things turkey…but as promised in my “Yay, November!” post a few weeks ago, I’m going to share with you the recipe for a savory, roast beef sub that my husband has adapted from one of our favorite sandwiches served at The Italian Place in Logan, Utah.  (Besides, you might want an alternative sandwich choice on hand after the holidays, just in case you get over-dosed on turkey–or you may just want to make it for dinner tonight!)

Savory Roast Beef Sub Sandwich!

Take a 2-3 pound, partially frozen Chuck roast and slice it into thin pieces.  Brown the meat in a skillet or on a grill with a small amount of vegetable oil.  When the meat is done, set it aside while you cook a small carton of sliced mushrooms until they are heated completely through and slightly softened, then divide them into the number of sandwiches you plan to make and top with cooked meat.  (This recipe will make enough for 4 generous sub sandwiches.)  

Savory Roast Beef Sub Sandwich!

Let meat and mushrooms simmer together for a few minutes, then drizzle a few spoonfulls of beaten eggs on top.   

Savory Roast Beef sub Sandwich!

Allow the meat and eggs to set up briefly, turn it with a spatula and top it with sliced banana peppers and Provolone cheese.  Let cheese melt good before putting mixture in bun.

Manhattan Roast Beef sandwich from Italian Place

My husband tops it off with some Dijon mustard, I like it with honey mustard dressing.  Either way, you’ll have a delicious, savory roast beef sub sandwich–perfect for a chilly, fall supper!  (We still love going out to get this sandwich every chance we get too!)     


What are some yummy sandwiches you love to make–or go out and get at a favorite deli?  If you try this, let me know how you like it.


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