Oh, Baby! Ideas For Personalized Baby Gifts!

Oh, Baby!  Ideas For Personalized Baby Gifts!

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One fun part of my job as a maternity nurse is seeing all the unique gifts that family members and friends bring to a new mom as they celebrate the joyful arrival of her precious, little baby!  I’m especially inspired by the talents of so many of you creative grandma’s out there, to always be on the look-out for the perfect personalized baby gift!

These are a few of my favorite…

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Personalized Baby Book Gifts

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Any personalized gift that helps a new mom save special memories and keep pictures and other odds and ends organized from her baby’s first years will be a cherished item for many years to come.  I buy these Stepping Stone Baby Books at the hospital gift shop where I work, but the gal who purchases the merchandise for our little store told me she’s also seen them at a few local department/drug stores like Shopko and Rite Aid.  I love these particular baby books because of their simple layout and the pocket storage pages included for all the loose items you tend to collect like the birth certificate, baby bands, gift cards, etc.  If you really want to go the extra mile at personalizing this gift, you could get a picture of the new baby and have it already inserted in the front cover along with a brief, personal note.  Seeing how much my own children once loved browsing through their baby books, and now my granddaughters, these books will always be a very special personalized gift!

♥ Personalized Nursery Décor Gifts

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I love giving this vintage “Hello World” map print from the OpusandVerse Etsy Shop.  The neat thing about this fun gift that gives it a personalized touch is you can specify the state you want behind the greeting (ie. the state the baby was born in) when filling out your order.  I even like to personalize the maps a little more by adding the baby’s name and birth date in small vinyl letter in the lower corner of the map.  There are also a variety of different ways you could give this gift for displaying it in the baby’s nursery, from decorative masking tape to fun painted wood frames–I often include variegated twine and small craft store clothes pins with the map for a unique way to hang it on a wall.

The world/map themed nurseries also inspired a personalized gift I’ve created recently for some special mom’s and their sweet little babies!

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Find a unique frame that matches the color of the nursery décor–don’t be afraid to ask, most mom’s are happy to tell you!  Find a map of the city the baby will be born in–phone book maps or ones from the local city offices are free.  You will also need a metal or wood initial of the first letter of the baby’s name.

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Center the map behind the glass of the frame–you can also add other paper word embellishments.  Super glue the letter on the glass, making sure that the name of the city where the baby was born is visible.

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Even if the newborn’s nursery doesn’t have a world/map theme, I think this gift would be a fun addition to any baby’s room!

Personalized Initial Jewelry Gifts

Personalized baby gifts www.mytributejournal.com  I imagine any mom would love getting some hand stamped initial jewelry that represented the initials of her children’s names.  I like to give initial jewelry because it has such a timeless quality and it’s something mother’s will no doubt, always enjoy wearing.  Locally, I’ve found the best variety of initial necklaces can be found at Jolley’s Gifts.  Online, The Vintage Pearl is a good source for a wide assortment of initial jewelry.  Unique, personalized jewelry like this is especially fun to give since you could also add the dad’s initial and those of other babies that come later.  I also think they’d be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift for any amazing mom you have on your gift list!

Any personalized baby gifts you’ve received and absolutely loved–or some creative ones you’ve given?

In celebration of Mother’s Day this weekend, let’s be sure and give our best hugs and wishes to every great mom we know!

Happy Mother's Day! www.mytributejournal.com  –Mary   

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