God Bless America!

God Bless America!  Reviving Our Patriotic Hearts!

I remember when I was a young girl growing up, I was so enchanted with the patriotic decorations around our town during the 4th of July festivities.  The military personnel in their crisp uniforms seemed larger than life when they appeared in our local parade.  Often while watching the parade from the sidelines, my cousins and I would sip sweet, syrupy, cherry snow cones and see whose tongue would turn the most red!  I also remember people standing with such pride and conviction–hands over their hearts and tears in their eyes–as they sang “God Bless America”!  Somehow, as I get older, and depending on the political climate of our country, these fanciful feelings and memories seem to fade a bit.  I miss seeing the unwavering patriotism of my parents!  Despite the many blessings we enjoy by living in America, I sometimes find my heart in need of a little patriotic reviving!  (Medical lingo at it’s best!)  My cute granddaughters seemed up for the challenge the other day as we set out on a little patriotic scavenger hunt of sorts, to find all things red, white and blue and star-spangled!  Seeing things through the eyes of a child is the surest way to renew the spirit of awe for the simple treasures of this great land we live in!

God Bless America

Our first stop was a park by our local library, and of course, Makena and Marli immediately pointed out the flag waving in the breeze! 

Patriotic pride!

Just down the street from the library was a quaint house proudly displaying the American spirit!

Star spangle scavenger hunt!

Two fun patriotic scavenger hunt helpers!  As I saw things through their eyes, it didn’t take long for me to be reminded of why I love America so much!

Patriotic flowers!

Makena loved this beautiful bunch of patriotic flowers!

Abraham Lincoln

Although this monument wasn’t on our route, the girls love to look at the pictures on my phone.  They were intrigued by this picture of Abraham Lincoln that my daughter, Mandi and son-in-law, Cole sent to me when they visited Washington, DC this past weekend. What a tremendous, passionate president!

4th of July Fireworks!

We passed several displays of fireworks for sale.  Makena told me she had a “ton” of “sparkles” at home to light up with her dad and mom!

Army Pride!

Makena and Marli are excited for Uncle Jake to get back from officer’s training for medical personnel at Fort Sam Houston in Texas.

Uncle Cec--WWII pilot

My dad was so proud of his brothers who served as pilots in World War II.  I now better understand the pride and concern that comes with having someone in the military.

Patriotic pride!

Our star-spangled scavenger hunt did my heart good and revived my patriotic pride and awe!

4th of July cupcakes

Makena and Marli picked out a fun treat to take home and…


…enjoyed yummy cherry & banana snow cones–they LOVED that their tongues turned red!

Have a very Happy 4th of July!  God Bless America!

Please share what inspires your American pride!


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