Making Life A Special Occasion!

Life Is A special Occasion!

I always find that taking down the Christmas decorations and returning to some semblance of order and normalcy is a little bitter-sweet.  I know the festivities of the holidays can’t go on forever–but my family will attest to the fact that I love looking forward to the fun parties and activities that make life so special during the holidays!

Last night, as my husband and I finished boxing up the final ornaments, we talked about some of the highlights of this year’s Christmas season and all the neat times we enjoyed with family and friends!  This discussion sparked a decision to commit to putting forth a better effort at making our daily routine more special, in hopes that we might start to anticipate every day with a little more excitement!

Here’s the result of some of our brainstorming:

Fond Morning Sentiments:  Even though I’m typically a “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” morning person, I can still get inside my head a bit when I wake up, and become somewhat preoccupied with my thoughts about the day ahead; my husband is often as equally distracted, since his mind tends to start mulling over the things on his day planner the minute the alarm goes off!  We are finding that taking time to offer a warm greeting makes all the difference in getting a typical day of work, errands and appointments off to a special start!

The Book Thief--Han's special greeting for Leisel!

In the movie, The Book Thief, Hans Hubermann’s outstretched hand and kind greeting, “Welcome, your majesty!” sets the foundation for the strong bond formed between him and the young girl, Liesel Meminger, when she comes to live with him and his wife in war-torn Germany.  (You’re thinking I may be a little obsessed with this movie–you might be right!)

A warm, kind greeting from anyone always seems to make us feel more special and ready to tackle what needs to get done for the day!

A Little Indulgence:  You’re probably saying to yourself, “Great, I’ll have chocolate for breakfast!”  What I’m really implying here is that if there are a couple of small things we can do for ourselves to help get us out the door with a spring in our step and a smile on our face, then I say–GO FOR IT!

Dior blush!

Not too long ago, I went with a few friends to the Dior cosmetic counter and the gal there showed us some good make-up tips.  While purchasing all the items used wasn’t really practical, I did buy some of the iridescent blush–I love it!  I even got a couple for my daughters!  Using this blush makes me feel a little more special as I get ready for my day.  According to my husband, there’s nothing like a classic, cotton pinpoint dress shirt with medium starch to help him feel good when heading off to work!

Pampering ourselves, just a little, often gives the extra boost needed to face our day with more confidence and ready to help others feel special too!

Table Talk:  Speaking of breakfast–and lunch and dinner too, it’s been nice for my husband and I to rediscover that although our kids are no longer at home, taking time to sit down to a meal together, even if it’s just a quick bite to eat before rushing out the door to work, provides time to visit and share insights that can be a very special part of our daily routine!

Starbucks healthy muffins!

I discovered that Starbucks has a new line of “healthy” muffins when buying some gift cards recently.  I love how they’re wrapped in parchment paper, and when paired with a homemade, low-fat yogurt parfait, they’re perfect for a special, quick breakfast!

Anthropology dishes!

It’s fun to take turns cooking and try new recipes too.  My husband makes a wonderful steak salad, (recipe coming soon) that he serves on some special dishes purchased just for the two of us!  As we try to eat healthy, it seems like everything tastes better when served with a bit of flare!

Just like the line in my granddaughter’s “Fancy Nancy” book, “Everything is a little more special when it’s fancy!”  

Work Vitality:  A job well done, either at work or at home, can become a bit commonplace when some tasks have to be performed over and over again.  Along with some other nurses, I recently “blinged” out my badge holder–and I have to chuckle every time I read a saying that was recently posted on the bulletin board in our lounge.  These things often serve to give me the “shot in the arm”, so to speak, (gotta love that inspiring nurse lingo) that I need on occasion, to remind me of how fortunate I am to work in this special profession, even when my days get feeling a little humdrum.

Beaded RN badge holder!

A Nurse's Prayer!

Making a few fun tweaks…even if it’s in our attitude…can make our work place more special for everyone, most importantly for those we serve!  

Upbeat Wellbeing We can get inundated with fitness tips right now, but no matter the time of year, or advice given, it has to be a personal commitment!  Although my husband and I belong to a neighborhood gym, we also have an exercise room at home.  One of the things I work hard at is staying motivated in my ever evolving fitness journey!

Home gym! www.mytributejournal.comCassadee Pope CD-great workout music!

Investing in a few things to help make our exercise space a little more special, often makes you actually look forward to working out!  My husband is especially good at changing up his iPod music–it’s amazing how just listening to a new CD or download makes your cardio routine feel fresh again!

Making a healthy lifestyle feel special is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our families!

Calling It A Day:  Perhaps just as important as getting your day off to a special start, is your bedtime routine.  I don’t particularly find watching Fox News with my husband late at night too relaxing, and my HGTV viewing doesn’t cut it for him either.  This area of our lives definitely needed some revamping!

homemade pillowcases

David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell

Our daughter-in-law made us some beautiful pillowcases for Christmas, so I bought a coordinating sheet set at a January linen sale; a new book sits on my nightstand now that my husband and I read together a few nights a week.  A special mood has definitely been set for a good night’s sleep!

I’m realizing more and more that how we start and end our day can make all the difference in setting the foundation for some of life’s most special occasions–and special memories

What I’m learning now is…

One of the things that I find so charming about New York City, is all the sidewalk flower vendors!  I always visualize how special it would be to grab a bunch on my way home if I lived there! 

New York City Flower Vendors!

What I’m learning now is that there are so many little things we can do on a daily basis to make our lives feel more like a special occasion!

What are some things you do in your daily routine to make life more special?


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