Goals And Dreams For 2015!

Goals And Dreams Of 2015!

Happy New Year! www.mytributejournal.com Welcoming a New Year traditionally goes hand in hand with making resolutions, but I think I pretty well made my case on how I feel about New Year’s resolutions last year in this post.  For me, the term resolution suggests the need to make major changes–like maybe who I am just isn’t good enough.  Whereas, the words goals and dreams conjures up feelings of growth and adventure.  I would imagine that each one of us realizes that there’s always room for self-improvement, but often the way we choose to go about it makes all the difference in whether or not we will be successful in our endeavors!

Rather than beating myself up too much, if my personal inventory takes on a more positive approach, then when I set a few new goals, I’m much more likely to feel optimistic about my ability to accomplish them and ultimately I’ll be able to work harder at seeing some of my dreams come true.

Goals and Dreams 2015! www.mytributejournal.com

I came across this quote several years ago and tape it to the front of my journal each year to remind me that my biggest limitations are usually the ones I set for myself!

Take Time To Write Goals And Dreams Down!

Journal books. www.mytributejournal.com

Throughout her life, my mom always kept some sort of journal; she encouraged me to do the same, telling me that one of the first steps to accomplishing my goals and making my dreams come true was to write them down.  Of course, it also helps to be somewhat realistic and devise a plan of attack too.  I’m well aware that this isn’t rocket science, but good advice all the same.

Some Goal And Dream Books I Love!

I know there are a lot of resources out there for online journals now, but there’s just something about the actual written word that resonates with me.  I get a bit giddy when it comes to finding a fun, new journal to record my thoughts in each year.

  • If all you want is a basic pocket planner without any of the bells and whistles, so to speak, “Today Is The Day” planner by Galison Mudpuppy of New York is ideal. 

Pocket Planner www.mytributejournal.com

Pocket Planner www.mytributejournal.com

This handy planner is perfect for writing in day to day appointments and notes, but also shows a week at a glance, as well.

  • If simplicity is what you need in a journal, I love any of the “Jotter” booklets by Studio Oh!


The “Gratitude Jotter” is my personal favorite–there are some thoughtful quotes written on a few of the pages, subtle reminders to be grateful for even the very craziest of days! 

  • I picked up this little gem of a journal-type book recently to take the place of all the sticky notes I tend to have hanging around my desk.

Journal books. www.mytributejournal.com

I record inspiring thoughts and fun ideas I want to try in this journal–including pictures.  In one section I also keep record of some of the projects my husband and I do together around the house.  I even include product resources we used, paint codes etc. then if I ever need to refer to it at some point in the future, the information is all written down in one place–it also serves as a reminder of all we’ve accomplished, I often tend to focus on the next thing on our “to do” list instead of appreciating the things that are done.   

  • Santa gave my me and my husband his favorite journal pick for Christmas; I guess he figured that no matter how long two people have been together, there are always fun ways to learn new things about each other!

photo (100)

A lot of husbands out there might be inclined to do the exasperated shoulder shrug if they were presented with this journal, but it’s cleverly put together by Random House and as stated on the cover page, there are insightful questions that “ask you to reflect on your own life” while others “invite you to jot down something about your partner or write quick notes to one another” —then as the years go by you’ll be able to see how your lives evolve side by side…if nothing else, it should spark some interesting conversation!  Here are a few sample questions:  “If you could take a class on any subject, what would it be?”  Also, “Write the first sentence of your partner’s biography!”  One of my very favorite questions is asked on March 21st: “Where would you like to travel together?”     

  • Speaking of travel, the “I Was Here: A Travel Journal For The Curious Minded” by Chronicle Books, prompts venture seekers, whether near or far, to capture the unique details of their journeys!

IMG_441914785 (2)

My son and his wife are living in Germany while he serves as a dentist for the Army for a few years, so my husband and I are planning to make good use of this journal in 2015, since we are making plans to visit them this year!  I think I will send one to them too; every weekend seems to be an amazing adventure as they explore Germany and all the neat surrounding countries nearby.  

What I’m learning now is…

If keeping a journal isn’t your thing, I understand, I used to give my mom the teenage eye roll when she gave me a new journal each year.  But since I’ve had the opportunity to catch a more personal glimpse into her life through journals and other mementoes since losing her, what I’m learning now is we all have a wonderful legacy to record!

Share one or two of your goals or dreams for 2015 here with us and you may find yourself receiving one of my favorite journal picks!

One of my goals for 2015 is to be a little more fearless!

Be Wild and Wonder! www.mytributejournal.com

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Whatever inspires you to live well–I wish that and more for you this year!



2 thoughts on “Goals And Dreams For 2015!”

  1. I love the idea of goals vs resolutions. I wish I had kept a journal of the home renovation projects we did last year, with all of the paint colors, carpeting/flooring, hardware, and everything else we picked out. It would have been a great idea to have it all in one place. Great ideas.
    One of my goals this year is to memorize The Living Christ. It may take all year. I used to be able to memorize anything, but the old brain isn’t quite what it used to be. I also need to compile all of Ethan’s missionary letters in one book, because he is coming home in 2015!!!!!

    • I have read that memorizing is a really good way to keep your mind sharp–that is a great goal! I didn’t think there was any way you could top all you got done last year, but having Ethan back home will most definitely make 2015 an awesome year for you!


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