Creating Your Home Sweet Home! Going For The Gold!

Creating Your Home Sweet Home!  Going For The Gold!

Like me, I’m sure that most of you are loving getting outside, working in your yards, and enjoying the beautiful spring weather we’re having now!  Perhaps you’re even doing a little spring cleaning inside too; I always like to think that when we work hard to freshening up our homes for the season, it provides the perfect excuse to update a few décor items!  (I’ll admit, I have to convince my husband of the brilliance of my ideas sometimes!) 

Although I might not have “fessed up” to it a few years ago when the emphasis in house décor seemed to be any and all things silver, I’ve always loved warm jewel tones and the burnished gold color palette when it came to decorating my home.  However, now that my daughter, an interior designer, has informed me that the pendulum has swung more to the middle as far as the role metallic elements play in designing our homes–where even combining several, different metal features is acceptable, I can happily share with you some of the things I have come to love lately about decorating with gold!

Creating Your Home Sweet Home! Going For The Gold! I know, I know–you’re probably thinking, but decorating with gold tends to be so formal and can get down right gaudy…

Libeaces over-the-top home decor!

…much like the living room of the late, Vegas piano performer, Liberace, who was well-known for his love of lavish gold furnishings.  Liberace’s signature style at all his shows was to place a gold candelabra on his gold piano!  Wowza!

A Few Of My Favorite Gold Home Decorations:

  • This black metal side table in my daughter, Malia’s, home, along with the other accessories, captures perfectly the fun, eclectic look you can achieve when you pair various metals together.

Creting Your Home Sweet Home! Going For The Gold.

 A bronze frame, a gold container and a black metal table–love it! 

(This gold container, from Pottery Barn, has even come in handy when my two granddaughters have needed a place to store a few doll accessories when they’re playing house!  Ha!) 

  • Circa 80’s suburban homes definitely paid tribute to the wallpaper craze of that era, so the thought of hanging wallpaper in my home tends to give me anxiety, but the new modern wallpapers available today are making me rethink my aversion to this decorating option!

Gold wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper

  If I ever did get brave enough to try wallpaper again, don’t you think this crazy pattern, aptly titled “Messy Trees” (by the brand, “I Love Wallpaper”) seems a likely choice that blends well my love of a little sparkle and my husbands love of the great outdoors?

Home decor using wallpaper

Okay, so this nursery is staged to show off the wallpaper more than it is the practical elements of a baby’s first room…but seriously, how cute is this–and it gives you an idea of how far wallpaper design has come since the “good old days” –believe, me I know!      

  • I love having framed pictures all around my home, but pictures in gold frames…..well, all I can say is “Hello there, gorgeous!”

Going for the gold in home decor!

My grandmother was of the mindset that having pictures of loved ones around helped you count your blessings instead of your woes–I couldn’t agree more!

  • Perhaps the next best thing to fun family pictures in gold frames, are beautiful quotes printed in gold that help inspire us to be our best!

Sparkle quote

You can get this quote as a printable download from the shop, PrintedTreasures on–and yes, this is pretty much gold heaven as far as I’m concerned!

"Love" in gold www.mytributejournal.caom

If a rustic flare is more to your liking when it comes to gold décor, then how about this wood “love” sign–from the shop, StackedMemories also on

(With your own stencil, this might be a fun DIY project–I think it would be a neat wedding gift too.) 

  • The glazed gold light fixtures that are available today are definitely not your mother’s bright, bronze gold!

Chandelier light fixtures

This light fixture that hangs in my daughter’s bathroom combines an oil-rubbed bronze finish with just a hint of gold patina on the wood to make it a beautiful focal point above her claw foot tub. 

As a designer, my daughter, Malia, says people often forget about the impact that good lighting and decorative fixtures can have on your overall home décor–she’ll often advise clients to be sure and budget for these.

Light fixtures with gold

 I love all the new pendant lighting styles available today in various metallic finishes–and how great does that industrial light look in antique gold! 

A Few More Gold Décor Ideas That  Are Sure To Give You Star Eyes:

Going For The Gold In Home Decor!

  • There’s nothing quite like a gold, gilded mirror to enhance a room’s ambience and give it some depth.  The one pictured above is from Ballard Designs. 
  • My favorite way to add a little bit of whimsy to a room is with some fun throw pillows.  This darling metallic bird pillow from is just perfect for spring!
  • Thrift shops are a great place to find vintage gold accessories to add the perfect touch of gold to your home décor.  @aedriel on Instagram always provides beautiful design inspiration.  (My mom gave me this same set of gold deer several years ago.)
  • I love the gold flower vase that was repurposed from a candle holder!  You can find more ideas like this on

No matter what’s trending in home decor, I think it’s always important to include things you love–because if it’s special to you, it never goes out of style!


I can’t help but be a little partial to this gold eagle figurine sitting by my son’s picture who is a dentist for the Army stationed in Grafenwoeher, Germany!  

Leave a comment and tell me what home décor colors and/or trends you are loving right now and you just might find yourself the lucky recipient of one of my favorite gold items!  


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