Cinderella Days! Grandpa’s Cinderella Days!

Cinderella Days!  Grandpa Enjoys Some Cinderella Days!

Cindrella Days!

As much as I love my Cinderella Days with my granddaughters, it’s always fun to watch them enjoy some special times with their Grandpa too!

My husband recently returned home from one of his frequent Home Depot jaunts appearing  more zealous than usual!  (I mean, we’re talking new shoe excitement, here!)  He was so anxious to tell me that Home Depot sponsors a kid’s building activity day on the first Saturday of each month.  Any child is eligible to sign up and participate, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  After looking at the class schedule he had picked up at the store, outlining upcoming projects, my husband could hardly wait to call and arrange some weekend outings with our granddaughters!  As I’ve mentioned in this previous post, my father-in-law was a genius wood worker who built cabinets and other beautiful furniture and taught his sons those same fine skills!  Since I’m not naturally very handy with tools, I think I was just as excited to see my granddaughters, at their young ages, be given the opportunity to learn a few “tricks of the trade”, so to speak.  To say that Makena and Marli were beyond ecstatic when they got the call from grandpa to join him for a few fun weekends, would be an understatement!
Although I don’t have a picture, I just have to mention that there is nothing quite so heartwarming (and even a little sexy) as seeing my granddaughters car seats sitting up in my husband’s big, manly Dodge truck!  Makena and Marli are always all smiles and giggles when they drive with Grandpa!    
Going out for breakfast is always first on the agenda, then the fun “work” gets underway!  My husband told me that the proper use of tools is reviewed with everyone who attends.  I love that each child is given a little work apron and that pins are earned to put on them when their projects are finished.
Teaching children how to use tools.
Makena looks to be a natural with a hammer!  This particular week, they made a tic tac toe game.  (Only Makena went with her Grandpa this time, since the tic tac toe game being made was a more detailed project.)  
Teaching children to work with tools.
Teaching children to work with tools. www.mytributejournal.comTic Tac Toe game.
There’s nothing quite so wonderful as seeing the happy sense of accomplishment on a grandchild’s face! 
A few weeks later, with Marli in tow too, Grandpa helped the girls make race cars–does it get any cooler than that?  
Making race cars.  www.mytributejournal.comThis picture gives truth to the fact that two of the most satisfying experiences in life has got to be that of being a grandchild and a grandparent! 
Making race cars!
Getting some future DIYers off to a good start!  The girls were so delighted with their new-found skills!
Making race cars!
Making race cars!  www.mytributejournal.comEach of the girl’s cars was painted their favorite color!  True girl power!  Such special Cinderella Days with Grandpa!
Seeing my husband with my granddaughters, I know the absolute truth of this quote…
“Grandpa’s are similar to a piece of string–handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of their grandchildren!”  Author unknown  

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