Because Of My Father…

Because Of My Father…

For a child, Father’s Day isn’t really so much about giving dad a gift, it’s about knowing that your dad truly cares for you and loves you unconditionally…and being thankful for all the many opportunities he took to express that love for you!

I said good-bye to my father over twelve years ago at age 88 after a brave battle with a rare form of leukemia.  I told him I loved him.  I thanked him for being my dad and for being such a powerful influence for good in my life.

Because of my father…

I know my role as a strong woman in this world is important!

My dad loved and admired the women in his life.  One of the best things he did for me was love and honor my mother and treat her with the upmost respect.  My father showed me that being a good dad starts with being a good husband!

“When I’m at my best…I am my father’s daughter!”  Tribute Journal

Because of my father…

I learned that every minute spent with your children leaves an impression, so make them count!

I’m a product of a father who knew that every story time, every moral taught, every hug, every time he disciplined me, every time he wiped away tears, every time we worked together in the yard, every time he bought ice cream cones, every time he showed compassion for someone less fortunate—made an impression on me.  Our kindness, our wisdom, our examples—yes, even our lame attempts at being the “cool” parent…are being observed by our children, more than we realize, I think, it’s so important to do our best to emulate what we’d like them to learn to offer others…especially their children!

Because of my father…

I see that the world is a better place when you appreciate those who serve from all walks of life!

My dad was interested in everyone–much to my embarrassment when I was a teenager?!  He would strike up conversations in line at the grocery store, in his seat at the movie theater, even on the beaches at many water recreation parks on our numerous family boating excursions.  He and my sweet mom made many lifetime friendships with amazing people as they traveled the world.  He taught me that everyone you meet is a potential friend that can teach you something that will help you better navigate this wild and crazy journey we call life!

”How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you!”  LeRoy Jorgensen, my father

Because of my father…

I grew up realizing that I could succeed at anything if I was willing to work hard!

My dad dreamed of being a medical doctor.  He studied pre-med in college and worked hard to fulfill this dream, but a chain of events ultimately led him to a career where he became a beloved educator.  Knowing that life offers many chances to grow when you follow the unbeaten path, so to speak, my dad helped me realize that life is full of surprises and sometimes the most unexpected routes afford you the most happiness!  My father was my biggest cheerleader when opportunities arose that helped shape me into the courageous, driven woman I am today!  He knew that by letting me test my wings, I’d find out for myself what my passions were, but that they would require hard work and deep commitment on my part if I wanted to be successful in pursuing them.

Because of my father…

I believe that every stage of parenthood is a blessing to be cherished!

In his life history, my father noted that when he was gone from this life, he hoped his love for his family, through all the stages of our lives together, was enough to make an indelible imprint upon our hearts and that we would build on the legacy he and my mom, along with their forefathers, have built!  From the time I was a little girl to when I became married with children of my own, I always knew my dad loved me dearly.  I often picture him smiling and waving at me from above, just like he did when he was alive, still cheering me on when I need him most!

“No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her dad!”   Tribute Journal

Now it’s your turn…please share how your dad has impacted your life.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!  May we always find a reason to celebrate our dad’s!  

♥ Mary


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