A Tribute To Teachers!

A Tribute To Teachers!

As I walked into the store the other day…there was a stark reminder that summer will soon be over…say what!  It was always a little bittersweet sending my kids back to school; of course, it was fun to be a little more relaxed and spontaneous during the summer, but it was also nice to get back on more of a routine schedule.

A Tribute To Teachers!

“You know it’s time to go back to school when parents are singing….. it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  Relatably.com

I am related by blood to many wonderful educators.  I also had many fabulous teachers during my 13 year stint in public education, as well as many beloved professors during my college years.  Sadly, I appreciate the talent and greatness of these wise people, who made a lasting impression and helped me realize my full potential, so much more now than I ever did then.  It’s never too late to recognize the influence of a good teacher…so here’s my tribute to teachers!

A Tribute To Teachers!

My dad, a brilliant teacher, offered up these words of wisdom often!

Reasons We Love Teachers!

1.  Teachers work hard!

Teachers don’t show up and sit behind a desk…they stand all day, talk all day, interact all day and learn all day.  Teachers are busy people.  Teachers know the work is challenging, but they’ve accepted the task and know they can be an amazing influence on their students by the sheer example of their own work ethic!  They may not be as prompt as you’d like at returning emails and phone calls, but the important stuff…the teaching…that’s what they’re getting done!

A Tribute To Teachers!

“Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.”  Maggie Gallagher       

2. Teachers foster a deep love of thinking and learning!

Even though every student learns at a different pace, teachers are devoted to making sure each one is learning and understanding.  Teachers don’t accept failure and try every angle and every strategy to help students learn and succeed.  Teachers gladly celebrate students accomplishments and although teachers know they only have their students for a short period of time, they are proud to see them succeed and move on.  I still remember my third grade teacher, Mrs. Larsen.  I don’t think I will ever forget how enthusiastic and full of life she was–even at 60 years old.  She brought so much joy into the classroom, and that’s a lesson that will stick with me forever; whatever you do…find joy in doing it!

A Tribute To Teachers!

3.  Teachers are creative.

In their own creative ways, it’s not unusual for teachers to suddenly sing, dance or take part in any assortment of silly activities just to show that learning something new can be fun.  Teachers are mentors, coaches, supporters and yes, even friends!  Really, what can’t teachers do?  And when they can’t…they’ll find a way!  Teachers are also very adaptable.  They are quick to change a lesson or an entire class on a moments notice–which definitely comes in handy when the fire drill or unplanned assembly interrupts.  CFCC2278-4409-4907-A9E2-A627C8C4FA6F

“Creativity is intelligence having fun!”  Albert Einstein

4.  Teachers are lifelong students!

Teachers are committed to being the best teachers they can be.  Teachers continually take outside courses and professional training development.  Teachers share ideas with one another and sit in various classrooms to learn new teaching techniques.  Teachers learn from their students too.  Every strength a great teacher possesses is a result of their desire to continue learning themselves.

A Tribute Teachers!

5.  Teachers love what they do!

Teacher have been trained in a field with low pay and very few tangible rewards!!  Teachers know how to make the most of a lesson plan with little money, no supplies and limited time.  Despite the challenges that come with being a teacher, teachers love what they do and try to do it better every day, because they know they are making a difference in their student’s lives.  The joys of teaching can be so overwhelming and far-reaching that teachers inherently know it is one of the greatest professions on earth.

A Tribute To Teachers!

“Let us remember…one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world!”  Malala Yousafzai 

Student education requires team effort–so as kids get ready to go back to school, let’s all do our part to be involved…perhaps we can start by simply showing our sincere appreciation for teachers!

We love teachers because they make us love working with them and learning from them every day!

I’d love to know how a great teacher influenced your life!

–Love, Mary

2 thoughts on “A Tribute To Teachers!”

  1. How wonderful to honor teachers. They certainly don’t get enough credit, respect or money! I still remember all of my elementary school teacher’s names and specific things I learned from them. The high school and college teachers I remember most were art and home economics teachers. They reinforced my love for the arts, and made me feel like I could do anything!
    And don’t get me started about the gratitude I feel for all of the teachers that my sons have had that helped shape them into the wonderful men they are today.
    Thank you, thank you teachers!!!


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