Giving Is A Good Way To Start The Year!


Since I am new to this blogging, website community, I realize there are many hurdles I have to try and jump over…or at the very least give it my best effort to stumble through them!  I have an awesome family;  they support me in so many ways that I am utterly amazed at their graciousness in doing so!  But then, there are those few key people who know you as a friend or acquaintance, and they glimpse a bit of your vision and without a second thought give you “props” for taking a risk and following your heart!  To those few bold supporters at this time, Phyllis, Cindy, Kellee, Hayley, Alison, Leslie, and Kathryn, who is one of my daughter, Malia’s cute friends, I say “Thank You!”  One of my favorite journals or calendars mentioned in my “Christmas Giveaway” is coming your way!  Have the BEST year!

What I’m learning now is…

Social media is not for the faint of heart, to be sure!  But even if I am the age my parents were when I thought they were old…learning and doing new things can help renew faith in myself and make relationships become stronger!  So in the words of my son-in-law Cole, when he celebrates accomplishing a difficult feat–Booyah!

Take a minute and look back on the past year…tell me some of your great personal achievements in 2012?  What do you want to tackle in 2013? 

Here’s to learning and growing together this year!!



4 thoughts on “Giving Is A Good Way To Start The Year!”

  1. Wow, Mom!
    You are becoming a Social Media Queen! I need to get some Facebook and Pinterest lessons from you! Love your blog posts and all the ideas you have found on Pinterest!
    I am so proud of you for going forward with your dream and accomplishing your goal! I love you so much and I am lucky to have you as my mom! Malia

    • Malia,
      Having you as a daughter gives me alot of inspiration. Also, it’s neat to see your own children become parents! You are a great mom to your cute girls!
      Much love, Mom

  2. Wow Mary, What a fun surprise! Thank you!
    I feel like one of the things I accomplished in 2012 that I have wanted to do for years, was getting all of my old home movies transferred to a hard drive on my computer. For Christmas, I went through all of them and selected all of our Christmas clips and put them into DVD’s. It was a bittersweet experience putting it all together as I watched my kids grow up before my eyes.
    I gave it to all my kids for Christmas and on Christmas night, we sat and watched it together. We laughed until we cried, and then we cried as we watched ourselves from 1990-2004, which is the last year I could find. Who knows why we stopped? It was priceless and it made me wish I had taken even videos of those precious times.

    My goal for 2013 is to edit and compile all the rest of the videos now resting on my hard drive. It may take me a year, but I’m committed to do it!


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