Life Lessons And Easter Blessings!

Life Lessons Learned

This is a wonderful list I came across a few years ago.  Regina Brett, who wrote a column for the local newspaper, The Plain Dealer, in Cleveland, Ohio, made this list to celebrate life lessons learned while getting older!  I suppose at any age there are life lessons learned that shape the character and soul of each person.   I know when my father got older, he was a bit reflective on occasion and would tell us that he was somewhat sobered by the ability to look ahead with certainty to only about five, ten or at the very most, perhaps just fifteen years, instead as in the past to twenty, thirty or fifty years.  After his leukemia diagnosis, he seemed especially grateful for a life well lived and the lessons life had taught him!

Life Lesson and easter blessings!

I hope this list helps inspire all of us to think of the lessons in life we have learned so far… and be glad that we’re still learning more!

Wishes for Best Easter Blessings

Easter Basket

Spring is my favorite time of year!  I love opening windows, getting outside again and sprucing things up in the yard after the long winter months.  As everything takes on a new freshness, it just seems inevitable that we should take note of all our blessings!

“Open my eyes to see wonderful things.”  –Psalm 119:18  Celebrating Easter

What I’m learning now is…

During the last months of my father’s life, while experiencing the weakness of illness and disease, he made the comment that his body had been a good friend to him!  “My parents blessed me with a healthy body,” he said, “it has most certainly helped me accomplish many important things throughout my life.”  What I’m learning now is that time and age seem to play a significant role in helping people truly be in awe of the many blessings life offers!  This being the case, I hope we can all nurture our inner wise, old souls!  

What are some of the life lessons you’ve learned?  Share them and add to the list above! 



Love Letters Can Create A Love Story!

Be Inspired To Love Better!

I’m not sure why, but sometimes it’s hard to view our parents in any sort of romantic, “lovey-dovey” context.  When we were young, it seemed like any sort of loving gesture exhibited by our parents often elicited silly giggles and exaggerated gag reflexes!  Deep down though, I think we can’t help but realize that having loving parents is what gives us that sense of security that ultimately helps us build better relationships and good foundations for stronger marriages of our own!

A Most “Delicious” Time Of Life!

I always feel a little wistful when I read in my father’s journal the description he gives of my mother during the time period of their engagement; it reads like a love novel!  My mom was a lucky gal to have her future husband describe her in such a way…

“Merle and I became engaged in February (1946) and made plans to marry in June…I was so proud of Merle; she was very beautiful, meeting all of my expectations for a wife, and more!  Our friendship ripened and the next months became the most “delicious” time of my life!”

pic 35_edit_edit

An Appropriate Time For A Husband To Write His Wife A Letter!

After my father passed away, this letter that he wrote to my mom celebrating their third anniversary was found.  It has proved to further solidify in my mind that my parents truly shared a genuine love story!  (I assume my dad had a secretary at his school type the letter, since my mom kindly teased him on occasion, that his handwriting sometimes resembled chicken scratching…I can certainly attest to the fact that my dad did not excel in penmanship!)


Through the years I observed many thoughtful gestures that my parents shared with each other.  This doesn’t mean that they didn’t experience tough times, they absolutely did!  But throughout their marriage of more than 50 years, my father always took advantage of the opportunities he had to share some of the things he found most endearing about my mom.  He wrote this sentence in one of the last chapters of his personal history…

“My wife has always been most special.  In spite of some challenges, our years together have been very happy and productive of the many satisfying growth experiences I had hoped for in our marriage.  Merle has truly been the right companion for me and I love her most dearly!”

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Write A Special Valentine’s Day Letter

I hope this journal entry will help you be inspired to write a Valentine’s Day love letter of your own.   Yep, a good old-fashioned hand-written letter!  My friend, Maggie Rees from Pintura Fine Art Gallery, has created some special vintage stationary for you to use.  Simply click on the image or the download button to download a PDF file to print.  This should be a great opportunity to write a letter to someone you love; someone special who has shown you love and how to be loved!  I bet it will be a memorable Valentine’s Day for both of you!

What I’m Learning Now is…

When we’re young and in love, there seems to be no limit to our romantic ways!  Then “real life” has a way of taking over and sometimes showing genuine love and appreciation becomes less of a priority.  What I’m learning now is that with some mindful consideration and creative planning, we can all enjoy our own “love story” all over again!       

I hope you’ll either share who you chose to write your letter to and why, or share an excerpt from your letter!  Let’s inspire each other!

Here’s the stationary for your letters!  Good Luck!   –Mary

Valentines Day Stationary Red _8.5x112 copy copy


Valentines Paper Stationary_Pink_8.5x112



Valentine’s Day became an even more special day for our family when my youngest daughter, Mandi, was born on February 14, 1986!  Mandi was a sweet Valentine’s dream come true when she arrived a month early with her beautiful blue eyes and jet black hair.  Her desire to live life to the fullest never ceases to amaze me!

pic48_edit Happy Birthday, Mandi!